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Custom Furniture, Window Treatments, Draperies, and Blinds: Stacy Nicole, Inc. (“Stacy Nicole”) custom fabric

treatments are guaranteed to be free from fabrication defects for the life of the product provided the product is

not incorrectly used and is owned by the original purchaser. This warranty is limited to the repair of Stacy Nicole’s

manufactured products. Stacy Nicole maintains the right to determine whether the defect is covered by the warranty

and how the fabrication defect will be corrected. Repairs will only be made to meet original specifications of

the contract. This warranty does not include conditions or damage resulting from normal wear and tear, sun

damage, misuse or abuse, improper cleaning, reinstallation (other than Stacy Nicole) or the application of chemicals.

Nor does this warranty include collateral cost such as installation by a third party, shipping or maintenance of

any product. If client discovers any fabrication defects concerning Stacy Nicole products, please contact Stacy Nicole

within thirty days from the date of product installation. This warranty only applies to request for repair of

fabrication defects that are made with in thirty days from the date of product installation. If a fabrication defect

is not made within thirty days, Stacy Nicole will not be responsible for the fabrication defect repair and will not be

liable for any further damage to customers’ furnishings and/or the window treatment(s) in question.

Hard Window Treatments Warranties: Stacy Nicole offers a one year warranty on parts and labor for

products resold by Stacy Nicole. The warranty is valid for one full year from the date of invoice. After one year

from the date of invoice, standard factory warranties will apply to all resold products, including current market

rates for service and repairs. Please contact Stacy Nicole for more information on specific products or factory

warranties. Repairs will be made on-site whenever possible. If necessary Stacy Nicole reserves the right to repair

the product at our facility or any of our vendor facilities. Stacy Nicole will make every effort to repair and reinstall

the warranted product in a timely fashion.


Motorization: All electric motors and electric components are supplied by third party vendors. As an Interior Design firm, Stacy Nicole does not warranty any electric motors or electrical components beyond the original manufacture’s warranties. All of vendors provide varying warranties on their products. For more information on specific vendor warranties and products, please contact Stacy Nicole as they are available upon


Wiring: As a courtesy Stacy Nicole provides customers with pre-wiring guidelines in writing to third party

electrical contractors. The guidelines Stacy Nicole supplies to customer are furnished by the manufactures of the

motorized units and should be verified by a state licensed electrical contractor selected by customer and at

customer’s own expense. Customer will be responsible for ensuring that the selected electrical contractor is

licensed. Stacy Nicole is not a licensed electrical contractor and is only providing the pre wiring guidelines as a

courtesy. Therefore, Stacy Nicole is not responsible for any wiring errors, found in the pre-wiring guidelines and/or

errors performed by customer’s electrical contractor, including the positioning of the junction boxes or

connections to the motor which may cause damage to the home or motors.

Yardage Estimates: Stacy Nicole proposals include estimates of approximate yardage requirements to

complete an order. Due to multiple variations such as fabric repeats, fabric widths and drapery hardware,

Stacy Nicole cannot quote exact yardages. Accordingly, Stacy Nicole is not responsible for any extra fabric left over or

purchase of additional fabric to complete a project. Due to limited storage space, extra fabrics or trimmings will

only be available for the client to pick up for thirty days from the date of installation.

Textiles: Fabrics have inherent characteristics that are out of Stacy Nicole’s control (i.e., stretching, stiffness,

hiking, flaring, dye lots, back light shadows and imperfections). Be aware that no fabric is completely stable

and there should be tolerance for small fluctuations in drapery and shade lengths. Window Covering

Association of America (“WCAA”) standards for manufactured draperies is up to ó” of variation from tabled

measure. Tabled measure is defined as fabric measured as it lies on a table without stress or constrictions.

Drapery fabrics (due to yarn contents, construction, humidity, etc.) will expand or contract under certain

atmospheric conditions.


Fading: Stacy Nicole does not warranty any window treatments from fading. Please consult with your fabric

sales person before purchasing customers own fabrics. Colored linings supplied by Stacy Nicole are made to

industry standards and are also subject to fading.

Fabric Backlighting: Fabrics may change in appearance when sun light is directed from the back side

of the fabric. We recommend you place the fabric sample in the same light as your final application to

determine true appearance.

Final Design/Application: Stacy Nicole will not be responsible for the cost of a new window treatment

and/or fabric, or other collateral expenses, should the customer not be satisfied with their window treatments

and/or fabric selection due to appearance of the final design and/or other variations beyond Stacy Nicole’s control.

Accordingly, please consult with your fabric representative for specific variations before purchasing fabrics.

Additional Services: In the event that a drapery has stretched or shrunk, the seller or purchaser of the

fabric would be responsible for necessary adjustments, which typically involves two types of cures:

1) On-site hemming services by an independent contractor are available for hire by the seller of

the fabric or the homeowner at no expense to Stacy Nicole.

2) Stacy Nicole’s installer could possibly re-pin, redress or move the hardware, as needed to make

the necessary adjustments. Additional charges will apply for this service.

Delivery Dates: All delivery dates are estimated and subject to arrival of customers own fabrics, as

well as possible back orders from Stacy Nicole vendors. Stacy Nicole reserves the right to amend estimated delivery


Changes: Any changes to an active purchase order must be agreed to by both parties and must be

changed in writing prior to the beginning of the window treatment production. Customers must disclose to

Stacy Nicole architectural changes or additions, such as cabinetry, beams, shelving, crown moldings, etc. prior to the

beginning of the window treatment production. Changes will not be made to active purchase orders after

Stacy Nicole commenced window treatment production unless client pays for the cost of associated with requested


Cancellation policy: Custom made products are not subject to cancellation or returns.


Terms: A fifty percent deposit payment is due to activate all orders. For Cash On Delivery accounts,

payment of the balance due is required prior to installation of the window treatments. For net ten day accounts,

payment is due upon invoice — no later than ten days after installation. For partial or postponed installations

due to construction delays, fabric back-orders, client schedule delays, etc., balances will be due for the products

that are completed and/or manufactured. Past due balances will be assessed a finance charge of one and a half

percent per month. In the event any invoice is not paid when due, and legal action becomes necessary, the

prevailing party shall be entitled to their reasonable attorney fees and court costs. It is expressly agreed that if

an invoice is not paid and is referred to a third party for collection, the additional cost will be borne by the


Installation: Any valuables or furnishings, such as art, accents, furniture, etc. must be moved out of the

installation work area before a Stacy Nicole installer arrives for installation. The installer cannot move back these

same furnishings for liability reasons.

Hard to move furniture (such as pianos) must be moved away from installation work area by

homeowner before installer arrives for installation. If customer wishes Stacy Nicole’s installer to move a piano out

of the way and then back after installation, the cost will be $150.00 for most pianos. Such cost must be paid on

the date of service by the client.

Arbitration: In the event of a dispute, Buyer agrees that Stacy Nicole may elect resolution through binding

arbitration in Wake County, NC under the rules of The American Arbitration Association with one arbitrator

presiding. Buyer agrees to be bound by Stacy Nicole’s choice between litigation and/or arbitration.​