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Consulting For Your Business


Are you looking to..

  • Attract more customers by catering to your target market?

  • Keep customers coming back?

  • Be steps ahead of your competitors?

We offer unique solutions for your environments, such as homes, offices, restaurants, and schools just to name a few.


Offer an professional assessment.

We design spaces that makes sense. As a professional we are able to come in and let you know what's working and what isn't, when the lighting is off, when the placement isn't functional, etc.

The overall layout, look and feel of your space, needs to make sense.

What we do…

Our Consulting for businesss offers a comprhensive , branded solution for your space. Stacy Nicole,Inc. offers a range of commerical, design services ranging from; home offce organization, executive office design, offcice space planning and layout, branded resturant and nightclub design, to church santucary and fellowchip hall redesigns.  We act as the bad guy.  We save you Money.  Increase your businesses value.  Become more efficient  Having a space that works well is THE KEY to a successful life.  When your space is organized, pulled together, makes sense and there is a place for everything, chances are things in your business are working well.