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What's your interior design style?

What is your interior design style? Have you wondered how much of an individual’s style translates into the interior design of their space?

What is your interior design style? There are many design styles when it comes to interior design; traditional, transitional, contemporary, modern, eclectic, art deco, urban, etc. I have always wondered how much of an individual’s style translates into the interior design of their space. You know they say you can tell a lot about a person by their; home, shoes, and car.  Some may agree, but there will always be exceptions.

My home was definitely a traditionally designed structure, but my interior design style is by no means traditional.

Nicole S Ingram | Founder + Principal Designer at Stacy Nicole Interiors

"The only way to do great work, is to Love what you do!" - My Favorite pair of pumps.

So do your car and favorite shoes reflect your interior design style?

Nicole S. Ingram, Founder + Principal at Stacy Nicole Interiors, Inc. is a self-described West Indies born and American raised educator, a family therapist by training, event designer by skill, philanthropist by grace, and an interior designer by trade. However, she is most recognized as a sophisticated Interior Designer. Her design visions for interiors are both captivating and warm. Nicole brings a fresh mix of Caribbean flavor with classic style, and an emphasis on the placement of light, proper scale, and function. 

Your space has never looked this good.  Nicole S. Ingram, Founder, Principal Interior Designer at  Stacy Nicole Interiors, Inc. - Interior Design Studio - Residential Interior Design and decorating services.  Serving Cary, NC and surrounding counties near you.  Call (919)650-6401 for a free phone consultation


Interior Design
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